“One Love, One Take!” and it contains 15 acoustic covers of some of my favourite Jamaican tunes. The title reflects the way I recorded it and the reason behind it. I spent 2 days in the studio playing as if was busking or playing a gig and all the tracks have been recorded “one take”. No digital gimmicks, click tracks or copy paste magic during post-production (only few backing vocals and additional percussions were added to some songs). I wanted to capture the dynamics of a real live performance, to make sure the energy I put into it will get to you straight away. Hopefully you will play it on a sunday morning and feel like i’m busking in your living room, or playing in the backseat of your car while you’re off to work on a busy monday. I put my heart in my work but it’s only thanks to all my friends and supporters that I can make this happen everyday! So, this album is for YOU: whether you live in Europe, UK, Asia or America, you’re all part of this journey and this album wants to be a sonic hug to each one of you!