I discovered the island of Gili Meno in 2008 and fell in love with the place straight away.
Since then i try to come back every year for a month or more, especially since i’ve met Bolong and his Turtle Sanctuary and decided to record an album on the island using the digital sales to support his project. Every spring i manage to come back and give him some money!
It’s a small step but it’s a big achievement for both of us!   CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY!
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Bolong is a local man who  decided to open a protection centre for the seaturtles of the island. Since he doesn’t receive any help from the Indonesian governement, the only way to fund his project is through donations from the tourists. VISIT HIS WEBSITE AND MAKE A DONATION!IMG_4490 IMG_4494 IMG_4498IMG_4492
Afronesia was recorded with very little equipment: i set up my portable studio in my house and started to write a bunch of new ideas, including percussions made by natural materials, local people’s voices and even the thunderstorms! I wanted to capture the essence of the island!
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The album came completely unexpected, out of pure inspiration. To me it sounds like Ry Cooder jamming with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the tropics!    WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO HERE!

If dreamy acoustic soundscapes, slide guitars and cinematic atmospheres are your thing, get your copy and support the Turtle Sanctuary of Gili Meno!    DOWNLOAD AFRONESIA HERE!